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1. Essentials
The XCC 2017 will be run according to the following rules:
The XCC is a championship under the guidance of the Offroad Association International (OAI). The OAI awards the series the title "European Cross Country Championship". There will be only one international meeting each year. The XCC is part of the participating national series and will be decided during one international finale.

2. Organiser / Event
The organiser of the XCC final will be announced on the series homepage. The event will be held according to the regulations. Date and location of the European finale will be announced on the XCC homepage and the respective websites of all participating national series.

3. Participating series
In 2017, the following national series participate in the European Cross Country Championship:

ACC – Austrian Cross Country Championship
GCC – German Cross Country Championship

It is possible to include further series during the season.

4. Entries, Close of entries, Entry fee
Entries to one of the participating national series do always include an entry for the XCC. Although: to be able to take part in the international finale, an additional sign-on is required. This can be done on the XCC website.

Close of entry is 14 days prior to the race (minding Sunday of the race weekend). All national series participants who have signed on before entry close are eligibile to compete in the XCC finale. No specific qualifying is needed. Guest riders may participate, but will not be eligible for the European Cross Country Championship. They contribute to the race result only.

The XCC website provides info on the procedure of late-entries.

Entry fee:

Entered riders (adult)          36 Euro
Entered riders (minor)         26 Euro
Guests (adult)                    50 Euro
Guests (minor)                   40 Euro

Late entry fee                    5 Euro
Late entry on the race weekend 10 Euro

5. Classes
XC Pro                          International and national top riders (open for guests)
XC Sport 1                    riders born 1990 or later (open for guests)
XC Sport 2                    riders born 1984-1989 (open for guests)
XC Sport 3                    riders born 1983 or before (open for guests)
XC Beginners                riders with little or no race experience
XC Women                    (open for guests)
XC Junior                      riders (m/f) born 1996 or later. Minimum cc: 84 (open for guests)
XC Youngster                riders born 2001 or later – Minimum cc: 84 (open for guests)
XC Pre-Senior               riders born 1977 or before (open for guests)
XC Senior                     riders born 1971 or before (open for guests)
XC Super-Senior            riders born 1966 or before (open for guests)

The winner of the class XC Pro is awared the OAI title "European Cross Country Champion", the runner-up finishers are awarded the OAI title "European Cross Country Vice Champion". In the other classes, winners are awarded "Winner of the XCC Championship".

6. Classification
The following formula applies:

National championship points divided by the number of national series events = average points score per event.

This score will be divided by two to determine the national points score with which the participants enter the finale. At the finale, the following scheme applies (to be added to the national score):

1st 30 points   2nd 25 pts   3rd 22 pts   4th 20 pts
5th 19 pts   6th 18 pts   7th 17 pts   8th 16 pts
9th 15 pts 10th 14 pts 11th 13 pts 12th 12 pts
13th 11 pts 14th 10 pts 15th  9 pts 16th 8 pts
17th   7 pts 18th   6 pts 19th   5 pts 20th 4 pts
21st  3 pts 22nd 2 pts 23rd 1 pt

If a varying national points scheme is used in any of the participating series, it will be coverted into above score. The result of the finale functions as a tie-breaker whenever two or more riders score identical points.

Points scored during the national series are weighed at 33 per cent, the finale counts for 67 per cent.

The internationale finale will be run as follows: After two hours race distance the next crossing of the leader over the finish line ends the race (finish). The rider who completed the most laps is the winner. If riders are on identical laps, first across the finish line determines the order.

Should the race have to be ended early, the classification is valid if 50 per cent of the race distance has been completed. Should less than 50 per cent of the race distance have been completed, the jury decides whether the race will be classified.

If the race has been stopped prematurely, all riders have to gather near the start area. They will be given information whether the race will be re-started, classified or cancelled.

To be classified, participants need to complete at least one lap. In the XC Pro class, riders need to complete 75% of the number of laps of the winner. Scoring ends 15 minutes after the winner crosses the finish line.

7. Purse
There are no prizes at the European Cross Country Championship. The top five in all classes are handed a trophy. The winner of the class XC Pro is awared the OAI title "European Cross Country Champion", the runner-up finishers are awarded the OAI title "European Cross Country Vice Champion".

8. Technical rules
Motocross bikes are allowed in all classes. The bikes may not exceed the noise limit of 96 dB (A). Non-standard exhausts may not exceed a noise limit of 94 dB (A). Organiser, OAI and promoter reserves the right to exclude overly loud machines from the competition. This may happen without technical noise control.

If the exhaust system has been damaged, competitors need to enter the pit area at the soonest possibility and repair the damage.

Choice of tyres is free. Lights are not required. The organiser reserves the right to exclude damaged machinery. Each rider may enter one bike for technical control and the race. It is not allowed to change the bike during the race!

Passing technical control doesn´t assure correct functionality of the bike. Each rider is responsible for flawless functionality of his/her bike.

9. Apparel
It is the responsibility of each rider to select a helmet and apparel which will provide appropriate protection. Riders must rely on their own judgement in the selection of helmets and apparel for protection and durability.

10. Start and race procedure
Bikes in the waiting zone 10 minutes before the start. Late-arrivals have to start the race from a seperate area following the field. Rider´s meeting takes place right after the waiting zone closes. Riders take positions three minutes before start.
The start will be executed "Le Mans-style"; engines not running. No assistance is allowed during the start procedure.

No practice sessions will be held. Grid positions are determined as described in Paragraph 6. No warm-up or sighting lap will be held. Late-entries are positioned at the end of the grid.

Jump starters receive a five-minute penalty, the race will not be re-started. It is prohibited to stop at the entrance and exit to the pit lane. Outside assistance and passing are prohibited at the counterposition. Ignoring flags or instructions from the race organisation may result in a time penalty or race exclusion.

The course can only be re-entered where it has been left (crash, technical failure, mistake). Competitors dare not gain any advantage from leaving and re-entering the course. Violation may result from time penalty to exclusion from the race. Decision maker is the Clerk of the Course.


Yellow: danger on the track/ slow down and look ahead
Yellow (waving): passing prohibited, obstacle on the track, slow down
Red: race cancellation
Green: race is resumed
Blue: allow competitor to pass
Black (with start number): leave the race, penalty or disqualification
Chequred black/white: finish

11. Environment
Each participant does respect the environment and does no harm to it. Maximum speed in the paddock is walking speed. Only essential rides within the paddock are allowed (technical control, getting to the race start).

Servicing the bike with the danger of oil or liquids leaking may only be completed when the bike stands on an appropriate mat. Participants have to collect and dispose their waste. Additional rules set by the race organiser (noise, open fire) have to be obliged.

Penalties for not obliging to above rule may result in penalty or race exclusion.

12. Data
Participants acknowledge that their personal data is not confidential and may be used to process the results and be published. Participants acknowledge that they may receive information regarding the XCC.

13. Safety measures
Motorsport is dangerous! The organisers of the XCC are generally insured. All competitors are advised to negotiate an additional accident insurance. Minors and children are only allowed to ride in specific areas. Open riding for minors and children are strictly forbidden. Parents and legal guardians are responsible.

Cross Country races are held on courses up to 8 kilometers in length. Therefore it´s not possible to safeguard the whole course. Each rider is required to ride at short sight. Not the whole course is covered by flag marshalls!

14. Responsibility and Waiver of liability
It is riders responsibility to behave in a sporting manner. Abuse/objectional behaviour and unsafe riding will result in exclusion. The organisers have health and safety checklists along with risk assesments for individual races/conditions.
It is the riders responsibilty to conform to the race organisers procedures and schedule. (individual meetings)


Caution warning repeated: Motorsport is dangerous. It implies the risk of getting injured!

Weißenburg, 13 July 2017
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